Preparing for Your Rafting Trip

Planning for your Costa Rica Rafting Trip

What to Wear, What to Bring, What to Leave. When you start planning for your rafting trip in Costa Rica, having the necessary clothing and equipment to guarantee your safety, comfort, and enjoyment, is essential. The Balsa and Sarapiqui rivers run on the warmer end of temperature scale, so rafters should be less worried about the cold and focus more on mobility and comfort during paddling. Being at the Equator the sun is strong so sun protection as well as hydration should be a big focus.

What to Wear

Swimsuit or Swim Trunks: You should wear swimwear as your foundation layer. They ought to be comfortable and simple to walk around in. Rashguard or Long Sleeve Shirt: Lightweight fabric shirts that dry away moisture immediately. Consider donning a rash guard or a shirt with long sleeves to shield your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and abrasions. Tennis Shoes or Strap Sandals: You want to keep your feet safe and provide grip on slippery riverbanks, wearing the appropriate footwear is necessary. The best footwear for the rafting trip is a pair of tennis shoes, water shoes, or sandals with straps. These will keep your feet safe throughout the journey. Sunglasses with Strap: Bring your sunglasses, but make sure you have a strap or piece of string holding them on in case of a swim.

What to Bring

Sun Protection: To shield oneself from the intense rays of the Costa Rican sun, bring sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor (SPF) rating. Water Bottle: Keeping hydrated is essential in the hot and humid climate of Costa Rica. We have a 5-gallon water container to keep your water bottles filled prior to and after the trip so you can stay hydrated. Medication: Please bring your necessary medications and give them to your guide for safekeeping. Change of Clothes: Bring a change of clothes in a bag which can be left on the shuttle vehicle. Once off the river, you will be able to change so bring a change of dry clothes, including underwear and socks, ready to wear. We will provide you a towel to dry off after your trip.

What to Leave

Do Not Bring Valuables: Please do not bring valuables on the raft, such as a camera, phone, or wallet, you should make sure to leave them behind at the hotel or store them in a bag that you can leave on the shuttle vehicle. Avoid Cotton: Cotton should ideally be avoided since, when wet, it can become cumbersome and uncomfortable. However, with a change of dry clothes at the end of the trip this point is moot. Alcohol and Drugs: We do not allow the consumption of alcohol or recreation drugs before or during your rafting trip. Please respect this and leave your paraphernalia behind. Because conditions vary depending on the river and the time of year, always follow the safety guidelines provided by your guides to have a rafting trip in Costa Rica that is both safe and enjoyable.