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Rafting Adventure Meets Comfort

If you are planning a rafting adventure in Costa Rica we have a few hotel and resort options for you. Welcome to our partner hotels page, where adventure meets comfort. One of the most popular outdoor activities in Costa Rica is whitewater rafting. The country is famous for attracting travellers who like to explore and be close to nature. With its many rivers and varied landscapes, Costa Rica has a lot of exciting rafting trips to choose from. Numerous hotels in Costa Rica have teamed up with us to offer fun and unique rafting trips for its clients. It is through these Hotel Partnerships that we are able to offer exclusive private rafting trips with flexible pick-up times and itineraries. With these hotel arrangements, travelers can easily get the best of both worlds: comfortable lodging and exciting rafting trips.

Comfortable Packages

Many hotels in Costa Rica offer special packages that include stays and rafting trips. The hassle-free experience that comes with these packages includes breaks on prices as well as itineraries that makes the most efficient use of your limited time for adventure activities. Customized packages are available for travelers, with options for different levels of rafting experiences and length of time.

Expert Advice

If you book a rafting trip through a hotel partnership, you can be sure that you’ll be with a high quality and vetted rafting company. 
First and foremost, safety and quality is very important when white-water rafting, and hotels that work with trustworthy rafting companies put their guests’ safety first. Hotels Activity staff can also advise you on what trip would be ideally suited for your family. 


Many partnerships between hotels and rafting companies include getting to and from the rafting spot. Visitors don’t have to worry about finding their own transportation, and this makes sure they get to the starting point on time. A great option to handle all your transportation needs is Jacamar Shuttles.

Customizable Experiences

When a hotel works with a rafting company, guests can often change the schedule and activities to suit their needs. The partnerships can handle a wide range of interests and skill levels, whether you’re looking for a Class IV–V river that will pump you up or a Class II–III river that is more tranquil and ideal for families.

Our Partner Hotels

Hotel partnerships for rafting trips in Costa Rica make it easy and fun for tourists to enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting while staying in comfortable rooms and other amenities. Through these partnerships, safety and protecting the environment are both emphasized, and guests can make the most of their exciting Costa Rican holiday. Whatever your level of experience is, Costa Rica’s hotel rafting partnerships are a great way to see the country’s beautiful rivers and lush landscapes.


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